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Tips to Fix Common Print Problems

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Printer problems can be frustrating and time-consuming. However, many problems come down to simple issues that can be easily remedied. Before you place a service call, check to see if your issue can be solved with one of these fixes.

Sub Par Print Quality

If your print quality isn’t what you’re expecting, there may be a simple reason why.

  • Your printer has a variety of print quality settings. Check to be sure you’re not printing on “draft” or another low-resolution option.
  • Are you using the right paper? Check both the print media selected and what is actually in your printer.
  • Check for damage to toner cartridges.
  • Check the fuser temperature – be careful, it can be hot! Some printers allow you to adjust temperatures.
  • Print a few test sheets and see if smudges disappear.

Taking Too Long

If your print job is taking too long to print, there are several things you can do. Choosing a lower quality resolution or eliminating images, will help your document output faster. If you consistently print high resolution images, you may want to consider adding RAM to your printer to improve processing speeds.

Paper Jams

Occasional paper jams are going to happen, but there are things you can do to help.

  • Use the right paper for your printer.
  • Keep the paper clean and dry.
  • Ruffle the edges of the paper to reduce static electricity and make the paper flow more smoothly.
  • Load paper correctly and be careful not to tear paper when trying to clear a jam.
  • Clean the paper path of staples, tape or other debris.

Not Printing

If your print job is just not coming out, there could be a variety of causes. First check to make sure you sent the job to that printer, and check the paper type and toner levels. Next, restart your application, and if that still doesn’t work, restart your computer. Be sure to make sure the printer is correctly plugged in and connected to the network, and that drivers are up to date.

If your problem isn’t solved with these suggestions or the problem persists don’t hesitate to call us – we’re always happy to help!

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