The Environmental Benefits of a Managed Print Services (MPS) Solution

When we first meet with customers to talk about Managed Print Services their typical concern is cost and the savings we can provide. Printing could be costing your business as much as 3% of your annual revenue; an MPS solution can cut your costs by up to 30%.

But the fact is, while the savings can be significant, today, sustainability matters too. Managed Print Services can not only lower your costs, but it is also helpful to the environment.

Small Steps, Big Results

MPS offers a comprehensive approach to print management. MPS professionals manage and service your print fleet helping you to reduce consumables use like paper, toner and energy. They can help you to optimize workflows, create efficiencies, implement best practices, and lower your costs by leveraging the latest technology, software and network security. With MPS you’ll only use the resources you need. You’ll print fewer pages, use less energy, and create less waste.

Cut Down Your Paper Use

A study by the University of Southern Indiana discovered that around 1 BILLION trees’ worth of paper is tossed out each year in the US alone. We use 85 million tons of paper annually – that’s about 680 pounds per person.

That’s a LOT of trees! The good news is that simple changes can reduce consumption. For example, switching to recycled paper means using 64% less energy than new paper production. Every ton of recycled paper used saves 17 trees. Increasing the use of recycled paper can mean saving millions of trees every year.

Changing Habits

Small changes make a big impact. For example:

  • Implementing print rules like double-sided copy and print can significantly reduce paper use.
  • Pre-programming your printer to output in draft mode instead of color reduces toner use.
  • Use post-consumer waste recycled paper – it lowers energy use.
  • Replace outdated tech with Energy-Star rated devices that automatically power down and are energy efficient.
  • Recycle your toner cartridges to significantly reduce landfill waste.

A Managed Print solution can reduce your carbon footprint. Choosing the right devices, streamlining process and workflows, and implementing recycling programs through a Managed Print provider can reduce your costs and help protect the environment.

Ready to learn more? Give us a call and schedule a free, no-obligation print assessment and find out how Managed Print can make a difference to your business.

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