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Increase Productivity by Leveraging Your Printer

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The office printer is a tireless workhorse in the typical office environment. Almost every employee comes into contact with your printer at some point in the day, so understanding how it impacts your team is critical for boosting productivity.


Today, we’re all looking for ways to streamline workflows and boost productivity and profits. Fortunately, modern multifunction printers offer the leverage you need to achieve your goals. Armed with a host of advanced features, today’s MFPs allow your business to do more with less effort.

Here are some ways you can leverage your print fleet to boost productivity and streamline workflows.

  • Enhanced Features – Multifunction printers can eliminate a roomful of machines. Today’s MFPs feature functions beyond printing. All will also copy, scan and fax. But did you know they also have some other productivity-boosting features like optical character recognition (OCR) for searching scanned documents?
  • Intuitive Interfaces – Today’s MFPs offer touchscreen interfaces just like your tablet or smartphone. Ease of use can increase productivity.
  • Better Paper Handling – The typical office MFP can readily accommodate high-volume usage by offering expanded duty cycles, faster output, and oversized paper trays. These features can make high-volume printing possible in the office, saving time by eliminating off-site jobs.
  • Mobile Print Capabilities – If you have a mobile workforce, mobile printing capabilities are a must. Employees can print documents directly from their devices resulting in faster turn around and increased productivity.
  • Finishing Features – Stapling, collating, folding and other previously outsourced finishing processes can be accomplished in the office with today’s multifunction printers with no loss of quality, and plenty of time savings.
  • Enhanced Security – Modern printers feature data encryption, permission-based access, and anti-virus protection built-in, enhancing network security keeping your confidential data safe and secure.

Today’s feature-packed MFPs can help you leverage your printer to improve efficiency, boost productivity, and help you grow your business. Give one of our team members a call and let us show you how the power of today’s multifunction printer technology can help you grow your business!

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