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How to Work Smarter and Be More Productive During Business Travel

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If you travel frequently for business, you’re not alone. The average employee takes 12 business trips each year. However, being on the road doesn’t have to take away from your level of productivity.

Here are several best practices to maximize your productivity when traveling for business:

1. Go digital with your documentation.

When prepping for your trip, determine which documents you’ll need to take with you. Instead of bringing a pile of paperwork, digitalize documents by scanning them to the cloud. If you take advantage of cloud collaboration tools such as Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, and Office365, you and your team can access these documents from any location.

2. Pack everything you need to be productive while on the road.

The essential items you need to be productive while on the road typically include a laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Be sure to consider any supporting items to keep these devices in operation, such as cables, chargers, and batteries. If you travel frequently for work, it’s worthwhile to keep a backup of each of these items in your suitcase.

3. Give all devices a full charge before hitting the road.

Give all devices a full charge before hitting the road. Take advantage of opportunities to re-charge devices when possible, such as using an outlet at the airport.

4. Choose a hotel with business-friendly amenities.

At the very least, your hotel room should offer free WiFi and a spacious desk to setup your office. An added bonus is if your hotel offers an onsite business center with printer access. Since printing may be necessary while on the road, use the Xerox Mobile Print Solution to always know where the closest public print network is for secure printing.

5. Go digital with paperwork while on the road.

Even if you’re not at the office, you can still go digital with paperwork that you accumulate on the road by taking advantage of the Xerox Mobile Link App. This tool allows you to use your mobile device to scan, fax, and store documents that you collect from your business meetings. You can go one step further by scanning these documents directly to your business apps using the Xerox Web Capture tool.

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