Is Your Business Ready to Support Mobile Printing?

The mobile device revolution is in full swing and an explosion of technology has bombarded the market to help business people as well as consumers stay mobile while remaining connected.

Businesses can enjoy many benefits of mobility for their employees including better communications, increased availability and improved productivity.  It is no wonder that businesses are encouraging mobility options for their employees.

One trend is BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).  This concept allows employees to utilize their own devices to perform work related tasks.  This gives employees flexibility in that they can use their device of preference.  BYOD provides cost savings for employers and reduces some of the IT support requirements.  Employees must adhere to certain security and operational rules, but generally accept BYOD policies eagerly.

An exciting new technology added to the mobile industry is printing.  Until recently, printing tasks still had most users chained to an office or hard wired to a printer from a desktop or laptop.  Now users can use virtually any mobile device including iPads, iPhones, smart phones or tablets to handle their printing requirements.

Mobile printing does not necessarily need any special apps loaded.  Instead the printer is the recipient of the intelligence.  A multi-function printer (MFP) is enabled to receive print requests via email.

The process is quite simple.  The mobile document is sent to the printer’s email address.  A response is returned to the user with a secured print confirmation code.  The user then simply goes to the printer, enters the confirmation code and selects the documents to print.

Output settings can be chosen at the time of print as well.  These can be regular default printing based on the business rules configured in the printer, duplex printing, collate, stapling or sorting and more.  All of this is enabled through the MFP’s existing capabilities.

The advantages to mobile printing are just being realized with businesses.  Consider field technicians who will need to print work orders or receipts after repair work has been completed at remote locations.  No longer will a substantial queue of work pile up back at the office that will consume a valuable technician’s time.  Instead the print queue is all that is at the office and can be kicked off whenever it is convenient.

Your business should carefully consider mobile printing as part of your overall mobile business solutions strategy. With the intelligence of multi-function printers combined with BYOD use your business can stay on the road and increase productivity without being chained to an office printer.

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