The 3 Key Benefits of using Managed Print Services in the SMB Market

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Are you one of the cutting-edge Companies leveraging MPS for your business?

If you aren’t, no worries—you’re not the only one. But you are intrigued, or you wouldn’t be here. Many businesses in the SMB market want to know what MPS could do for them, and we respond to their curiosity with three, often-illuminating, questions:

  1. Are you currently tracking company’s mobile device usage?
  2. Are you tracking all your company’s gas expenditures?
  3. Are you tracking all your print and print-related expenses?

Inevitably, we get the same answers each time: yes, yes and no. But these three simple yet powerful questions are enough to show people that print expenses need to be monitored for the same reasons they monitor all their other expenses. And why wouldn’t you? After all, you can save more in printing than you’re likely saving on your long distance bill.

Once people recognize thet realize they are ideal candidates for MPS, and how it can audit the last unaudited business expense. Since knowledge is power, understanding how your print budget is spent is the first step to reducing it.

Oh, but wait—you were here for the 3 key benefits of MPS. Without further ado, here they are:

#1: Cost Visibility
If knowledge is power then cost visibility is paramount as it empowers you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions. Monitoring your print usage, including who is printing where, and how much, will expose what your true print costs are. MPS can also map out your environment in terms of printer types and brands so that you can leverage bulk-purchase agreements and reduce servicing expenses. It does this all in a quantifiable way. This quantifiable data can then be compared with cost-per-page expenses and other print environment information to make more informed decisions.

#2: Cost Control
Once you understand how much you are spending on what, you can begin implementing the controls you need to patch cash-hemorrhaging leaks. Controls like end-user restrictions and colour-printing permissions.

#3: Cost Savings
Knowledge is great but we know what you really want is more money. MPS gives you more money in your wallet in that it stops so much from leaving it. Cost visibility leads to cost control and cost control leads to cost savings. After all, it is only after knowing your environment and controlling leaks that you can begin to save on your costs and reinvest the capital into smarter ventures. Just think of what you could do with a savings of 10-40% off your entire print budget.

While the ease of implementation of MPS and the overall benefits of it are frequently noted by the CIOs and CFOs pulling the trigger on MPS—the real decision-maker is the capital available for reinvestment. Reinvestment that often occurs in the form of getting your passion projects off the ground—or budget-room floor (where they’ve likely been lying for years).

The truth is though, that the three key items above are the benefits. But what you need is specific instructions on how to ensure your print environment is properly managed.

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