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Do You Believe these 3 Myths about Managed Print Services?

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When you think of Managed Print Services, what comes to mind? Many people have the mistaken impression that MPS is overly expensive, increases your reliance on print, and requires you to buy new equipment. The truth is really quite different, and may convince you to give Managed Print Services a try.

Myth: Managed Print Services is expensive.

Fact: MPS can reduce your print costs by 30%.

The goal of a Managed Print Services provider is to manage and organize your print infrastructure to meet your budget and your goals. An MPS provider can help control your costs by monitoring your printers to spot trouble, handling upkeep and repairs, organizing your print environment to increase efficiency, improving your security, and establishing smart print protocols. A Managed Print Services provider can help reduce both your direct print costs as well as your indirect expenses for time and IT professional labor.

Myth: With MPS you’ll print more.

Fact: MPS can help reduce your reliance on print.

Print is a big part of the workflow for many businesses, costing you money and taking up a significant amount of time to manage. A Managed Print Services provider will help you understand how your organization is using print, so you can take steps to reduce your print volumes. They can help you consolidate your printers and automate your workflows so work moves faster with less print.

Myth: MPS requires new printers.

Fact: An MPS provider will help you leverage your assets and make smart upgrades.

Working with a Managed Print Services provider is a partnership. An MPS provider will first assess your print environment and then make suggestions based on your goals and budget. Together, you can maximize the efficiency of the printers you already have, retire underused devices, and make upgrades when the time is right. You don’t need to buy new printers to see the benefits of MPS, but an MPS provider may be able to help you save money by showing you where upgrading could benefit your business.

Without knowing the truth behind Managed Print Services it’s hard to make a decision if it’s right for your business. The truth is, when you think of MPS you should be thinking about cost savings, improved efficiency, and a better print experience.

If you’d like to learn more about Managed Print Services give us a call and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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