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How to Keep Your Office Copier in Tip Top Shape

What do you do when the office copier breaks down? It might be that your first instinct is to call for help, but the truth is most copier problems can be easily fixed, and avoided altogether with proper care. These tips will help you understand how to care for your copier.

Look for the Easy Problems – Most of the time when the copier breaks down, it’s due to a common problem that’s easy to fix, such as a paper jam, smudge on the copier glass, or spilled toner. Look for these problems first, to see if it’s something easy to fix.

Be Gentle – However, if you’re going to attempt to fix your copier yourself, you need to follow this rule: be gentle. If you rip paper as you pull it out, or don’t clean up spills properly, you could be creating an even larger problem that will need a professional to fix.

Follow Manufacturer’s Guidelines – When you use the wrong toner or unsupported paper, you’re likely to run into problems. By following the manufacturer’s guidelines on what supplies to use, you can keep your copier in good working order. When problems do occur, you should also consult your owner’s manual to understand error codes, how to open the copier properly, and other instructions that will help keep your copier – and its warranty- safe.

Restart – Sometimes an error code occurs because of a corrupt print job. Once you’ve looked for other issues, cancel and restart the print job to see if that fixes your problem.

Properly Maintain your Copier – Proper maintenance can go a long way to preventing printer problems. This means regularly cleaning your printer to clear any debris, replacing old paper with fresh, and printing test copies to allow your copier to warm up. Taking simple steps can help prevent problems in the long run.

When your copier breaks down, it can slow down the entire office. Before you panic, take a look for simple problems you can fix yourself. However, remember that copiers are complex devices, so if you’re not sure you can fix it safely, contact us for assistance.



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