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In a world so focused on protecting and preserving our environment, it’s no surprise that businesses are looking at ways to get in on the action. Paper and printing have long been the standard for documentation and record keeping, but at what cost? Managed Print Services in conjunction with green printing are two initiatives that, when implemented, have the desired effect of increasing efficiency within an office environment as well as reducing its carbon footprint.

What Are Managed Print Services?

MPS is defined as the outsourcing of printing resources such as toner and paper, the management of hard copy fleet devices such as printers, copiers and fax machines and increased efficiency with regards to service. Green printing is a natural by-product of MPS as the eco-friendly practices put in place naturally improve environmental sustainability.

How Can Managed Print Services Help the Environment?

After an initial assessment and review of your company’s current printing practices, a comprehensive plan is put into action to not only reduce the environmental impact, but to save money and increase efficiency and productivity. This is done through:

  • A Reduction in Toner Usage – Through simple practices such as a reduction in the printing resolution of documents, toner usage can be reduced without compromising quality.
  • A Reduction in Service Calls Through Preventive Maintenance – A maintenance call requires the use of many different resources. By implementing a series of scheduled maintenance visits, breakdowns can be prevented, less replacement parts are required, and more time is spent on productivity rather than downtime.
  • A Reduction in Power Usage Through Careful Monitoring – The continued monitoring of printing practices through MPS means greater control over the amount of power your office is using to operate equipment.
  • Less waste and usage of resources – Paper and toner are costly; through careful monitoring of usage of these items, and care towards recycling used cartridges, there is a distinct reduction in waste.

Additional Steps Towards Going Green

Further sustainability can be achieved through small steps within your office environment, which, over time can have a big impact on our planet.

  • Digitization – Digital print management and filing minimize the use of resources while still maintaining a secure and usable method of documentation.
  • Double-sided Printing – Paper usage is cut in half with the simple act of using both sides of the paper for printing.
  • Recycling of Used Cartridges – By selecting the proper MPS partner formal recycling practices can be implemented where all used toner cartridges, regardless of the manufacturer are collected and recycled. This of course results in less waste reaching landfill.

Managed Print Services and green printing are the wave of the future. Environmental responsibility doesn’t stop at home; businesses looking to reduce their bottom line can benefit financially while doing their part to reduce their negative impact on the planet.

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