The Acronyms That Can Improve Office Productivity

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The print world is famous for its acronyms. MTP, MFP, PC, FAX, ok, maybe not fax, but you get the idea! The newest addition to the acronym alphabet is MPS, which stands for “Managed Print Services”.  MPS is not exactly new, but it is gaining in popularity and it’s changing the approach to printing in fast-paced small and medium sized businesses.

Your company’s print environment can be costing you money that you might not even be aware of. Print services are in fact, one of the last un-audited business expenses in today’s office. This can be a costly oversight that may be affecting your company’s bottom line. MPS is a state-of-the-art approach to identifying and controlling your printing expenses.

Managed print services have been around for a while, but are becoming more common in today’s tough economic climate. MPS can help you to leverage your existing print infrastructure and can help your business to control all of your print related activities and costs.

MPS combines all of your company’s print expenses into a monitored program that measures and tracks every aspect of your organization’s document management, from toner replacement to paper usage. MPS takes a proactive management approach, where we solve issues before they impede your business. By monitoring and managing all of your print functions, MPS can help you to consolidate your billing which can result in fewer missed expenses and less invoice processing.

Managed print services is growing in use for several good reasons:

• Uptime: When your print environment is managed for you, your company has more uptime. Regular service is scheduled and equipment maintenance is performed on time. Your supplies are automatically ordered for you, and technical support is available 24/7.

• Cost Controls: You have control over all of your printing expenses. An MPS service program utilizes a rules-based approach to printing in your office. Allowing you to put restrictions on certain device functions only accessible by designated employees.

• Intelligent Print: MPS allows for intelligent print capabilities such as end-user controls. You can restrict or allow specific access to functions such as color print capabilities and this allows closer monitoring of costs.

• Workflow Integration: MPS can be integrated with other office systems to help you improve your employee’s productivity and document workflow.

As a small business owner, implementing MPS into your office culture will help your business to capture previously missed expenses. The time you save by outsourcing your printing controls will free you up to focus on growing your core business. In today’s cost conscious business world, MPS makes perfect sense. A well-managed print environment can make every dollar count and that’s a smart business strategy. MPS provides your business with cost visibility and cost control for one of the last un-audited business expenses in most offices, your printing environment.

It’s easy to see why managed print services are catching on with many small and medium sized businesses. It just makes good business sense.

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