Learn How Scan to PC Software can Enhance the Healthcare Industry

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In the healthcare industry, making sure that all documentation is well organized, accurately managed and securely stored is literally a life saving requirement. A misplaced form could result in dire consequences.

By using scan to pc technology, the healthcare industry can greatly reduce the likelihood of lost or misfiled documents.  Not only will scan to pc help to get organized and reduce errors, but it can also greatly improve overall efficiency with medical practices, clinics and hospitals.

Scan to pc technology has many benefits including:

  • Consolidating silos of information that is often kept separate, including paper, Microsoft Office documents, and PDF files so that all records are kept in one location safely and securely.  Patient files often are a compilation of various types of documents.  Bringing all of the documents together will help to keep patient records well organized.
  • Personalized access that presents each authorized user with a menu of functions and files that are customized based on their particular profile.  This feature increases security while also speeding productivity with administrative staff.
  • Enhanced workflow processes so that forms and information are routed to the correct department quickly and efficiently. For example test results can route to a specialist group before going to the primary care physician or administration and billing.
  • Secure files with government standard 256-bit encryption and comply with HIPAA regulations to protect patient privacy.
  • Add notes, watermarks, stamps, annotations and other enhanced collaboration tools to make sure forms and documents are verified and classified correctly.  All departments can confirm the validity of information quickly and easily.
  • Incorporate static documents such as PDFs into multimedia or audio WAV files so that communication is even easier. Presentations and online training becomes more streamlined and efficient.
  • Leverage optical character recognition (OCR) technology to transform scanned documents into usable data for even greater accuracy and efficiency.  OCR has become extremely reliable which uses “look like” capabilities to translate scanned information.

Imagine patient records, detailed physician information and medical practice standard operating procedures becoming living, breathing documents that can foster even greater levels of collaboration between physician groups, hospitals, and other practices.

The electronic health record (EHR) requirements from the government are mandatory.  By taking advantage of scan to pc solutions your healthcare operation can not only be compliant but also realize increased productivity with reduced errors.
The benefits realized from a scan to pc implementation will provide an even better service for healthcare patients as well as a healthy return on investment for the medical practice

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