The 5 Must Ask Office Equipment Warranty Questions

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In today’s modern office, document handling is a function that we simply cannot do without.  Copying, scanning, printing and creating digital files are all activities that we absolutely need to have at our fingertips.  And the different pieces of equipment that perform all of these tasks are complex.  They need to be available at all times.

Your office equipment is a significant investment for your organization and to protect that investment a part of your risk management plan should be to take advantage of the warranty that comes with any equipment that you acquire.  The strength of the warranty and the company that stands behind the warranty will give you assurance that not only will the equipment be there when you need it, your investment will remain secure. Xerox, for example, will stand behind their products and ensure that your office operations will not be disrupted.

Here are some issues for you to consider:.

What is a warranty?  A warranty is a commitment that your office equipment will be fixed or replaced if there is some defect.  It generally is for some specified period of time.

1) Who issues your warranty?  A key question is who issues the warranty and just how reliable are they.  The warranty can be from the manufacturer, the dealer that sells you the equipment or a third party reseller that has rebranded the equipment.  You can judge for yourself who has the financial strength to live up to the warranty terms.  Xerox equipment sold by an official retailer is under the corporate guarantee.

2) Who decides if your problem is covered by the warranty?  It may sound unreasonable, but some warranties are at the sole discretion of the equipment supplier.  You live with the equipment every day and understand when it is not working right.  Be careful to read the terms of your warranty to know just how and when the warranty will provide a solution for any problems that you may have.

3) How long is your warranty in effect?  Some office equipment is under warranty for as short a period as 30 or 90 days.  While some problems can show up in a very short period, others can take a longer time to become evident, make sure your warranty recognizes this.

4) Is it in writing?  Remember, no verbal assertions will be effective after a contract is signed.  Verbal statements do not apply.  Make certain that you warranty is included, in writing, and as a part of the underlying contract where you purchase or lease the equipment.

5) Do you have an easy way to contact the company issuing the warranty? Some provide you with a link to their site where you can manage all issues related to the warranty of your equipment.  A warranty on your equipment can be a critical element of your organization’s risk management policy.  It will ensure that you know and understand the associated costs to support your office functions and the budget will not be broken because of a malfunctioning piece of equipment.

Read and understand the warranty on any new equipment and keep in mind that the warranties issued by Xerox will cover our concerns for reliability and the long period of coverage that they offer.

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