Lesser-Known Benefits of Managed Print Services

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Managed Print Services (MPS) offers a variety of benefits for businesses. Most companies know that using MPS can save them as much as 30% on print expenses, but are unaware what other benefits MPS can offer.


Some other popular benefits include:

  1. Consolidated spending – Without Managed Print Services, your business printing expenses are probably hard to budget for. Departments order the supplies they need when they need them, and if a printer breaks, you need to cough up the money to have it fixed or replaced as needed. MPS changes this by taking over the supply ordering, making sure everything is in stock when you need it, and saving you money with volume discounts. Monthly spending becomes predictable with one monthly invoice, and printer troubleshooting and maintenance is included in your contract.
  2. Improved productivity – If the printer goes down, your IT staff may take days to get it back online. If you notice staff consistently waiting in line to get their print jobs, chances are you’ve either got the wrong type of printer in place or perhaps you need to add another to your fleet. With MPS, you can get a full analysis of your print environment to be sure that all your printers are being utilized efficiently to boost employee productivity. Print experts perform preventative maintenance to keep your printers running at peak performance, and are available for troubleshooting and repairs when your printer goes down.
  3. Decreased carbon footprint – Saving the environment is not only good for the planet, it is good for your business as well. MPS can help you reduce print waste by offering solutions to reduce the overall number of prints you make, as well as offering recycling programs for used toner cartridges. When it’s time to upgrade, MPS can help you find energy-efficient printers, and can help you set up your printer default settings to limit paper and toner use.

For many businesses, the cost savings alone are enough reason to look at using at Managed Print Services. With the addition of these lesser-known benefits, Managed Print Services becomes increasingly attractive. With cost savings and consolidation, improved productivity, and environmentally friendly practices, MPS can help your business thrive.

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