Do You Know Your Cost of Printing? The Truth About Hidden Costs

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to run more efficiently, cut costs and increase productivity. One area that is often overlooked is the office print environment. It’s estimated that 90% of all North American companies do not know how much they are spending on print. The truth is an unmanaged print environment could be costing your business thousands of dollars every year in waste and inefficiencies.

Let’s look at some hidden costs.

  • Supplies – Print supply costs are not hidden, but waste and mismanagement could be costing you. Supplies like toner, if stored in an unsecured location, can disappear only to reappear for sale online.
  • Hardware –  New, off the shelf, inexpensive printers may seem like a good idea when you buy them, but most likely require expensive consumables.
  • Lost Productivity – When printers are not regularly maintained and properly managed the result can be lower productivity. Improperly placed machines can result in office bottlenecks and a machine in need of repair can bring your business to a halt.
  • Unnecessary Use – Are your employees printing emails or making unnecessary color prints? They probably are not thinking about cost. Implementing print protocols can reduce unnecessary printing and save you money. Simple solutions like defaulting printers to print 2-sided black and white prints can cut consumables costs.
  • Energy Costs – Newer devices are much more energy efficient. Large volume printers can offer a lower per page cost as well as significantly lower energy use. Replace older inefficient printers with Energy Star-rated ones to save.

If you’d like to learn more about easy ways to lower you print environment costs, increase productivity and reduce waste, contact a Managed Print Services provider and schedule a free print assessment. You can learn exactly what your print environment is costing your business and uncover and eliminate those hidden costs!



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