Tell Tale Signs Your Print Environment is Inefficient, Hughes Xerographic, Bellaire, OH

Tell Tale Signs Your Print Environment is Inefficient

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Are you spending more on your print environment than you need to? Probably. What if you could get rid of the inefficiencies? You’d enjoy significant savings and increase productivity. They key lies in recognizing areas of inefficiency in your print environment.

Here are some tell tale signs your print environment needs improvement:

  • Inexpensive Printers Everywhere – One big red flag is a proliferation of cheap printers throughout your office. While the entry price is attractive, consumables can be pricey and these purchases often go unnoticed.
  • Too Many “Extra” Prints – Unnecessary printing is inefficient! Overprinting is a waste of toner and paper. Documents lying around print trays are also a security risk.
  • Everyone is Buying Supplies – No one wants to run out in the middle of a job so “everyone” is buying toner when they think it’s low. While it doesn’t seem like much, decentralized purchasing of supplies can cost you in the long run.
  • Everyone is Printing Color Documents – Color print costs can be as high as 4X those for black and white. Some color printing is, of course, necessary like marketing materials or presentations, but black and white can suffice for most documents. Put print protocols in place and monitor output!
  • Your IT Team is Spending Too Much Time on Print-Related Tasks – It’s estimated that 40 to 60% of IT calls are for print-related issues. Outsourcing calls can help, but eliminating calls is better. For example, simply eliminating outdated technology can significantly reduce calls.

Consider Managed Print Services (MPS)

Managed Print Services (MPS) is a great way to optimize your print infrastructure and outsource the management of your print environment. A good MPS provider will offer a detailed assessment of your current environment, determine what you’re actually spending on print, and create a plan to optimize your print environment.

Outsourcing your print environment to a qualified Managed Print Services provider can work to free up valuable time allowing your IT team and your employees to focus on core business tasks, like growing your sales. MPS is a great way to make the most of your print budget, cutting costs, streamlining complex workflows and increasing productivity throughout your office.


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