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Print Assessment Tips

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The success of any business is dependent on the functionality of the organization as a whole. Without knowing the exact cost of the most essential elements, it’s nearly impossible to accurately predict your yearly budget, or determine where cost savings can be had. Printing is an area that is commonly overlooked, with few office managers, or IT leaders able to predict how many printers are in their office. But just how important is the answer to that question? Very; losing track of your printer fleet can be a costly mistake. A comprehensive print assessment can help bring to light changes you can make throughout your print environment that can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Print Assessment Tips

Here are some questions to ask yourself if you’re looking to get a handle on your print costs:

  • How many printers, copiers, scanners, or fax machines do you lease or own? The only way to obtain an accurate number is to systematically walk through your office with pencil and paper in hand, noting each device.
  • Where is each machine located? Map out the location of each device to determine if they are efficiently located.
  • How is your print equipment being utilized? Does the type of print equipment you have in each department fill the need?
  • How many different brands are among your print fleet? Consolidating brands can yield big savings when it comes to maintenance and consumables.
  • What is your user to device ratio? Depending on location, some devices may only be used by one or two employees, while there is always a lineup for others.

Choose Wisely 

A Managed Print Services provider can deploy print assessment software that will provide you with the detailed fact-based data you need to pinpoint problem areas, streamline processes and save money. They can offer solutions to help you maximize your print fleet, improve document workflow, cut down on unnecessary spending and improve your bottom line.

Call today, for a free, no-obligation print assessment or to learn more about how Managed Print Services can help your business to succeed.


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